"It is my pleasure to endorse Zachery McGinnis. Zachery has been an exceptional professional in what is sometimes a crazy business. He provides a calm and steady approach in dealing with any matter. Zachery is resilient and can make decisions very quickly. What distinguishes Zachery most from other celebrity agents is his empathy and ability to see both sides and try to do what is best for not only his clients but also for the show promoter." 

-Dominic Alessandria

Steel City Con

  "I Love working with your team! You have some amazing guys and I am so happy I'm apart of Galactic Productions!!!"

-Karan Ashley,

Actress, Aisha the Yellow Mighty Morphin Power Ranger

  "Zach thinks of everything. When you're an alien in a strange land it is comforting to know that Zach has all the angles covered from the moment you step off the plane.

Good communication, good organization and when anything hits the fan (or vise versa)- he's there.  

And what's more - the promoters all like him too - and that helps a whole lot!

Can't ask for more. 

All he needs is a decent haircut and he'd get 100%."

-Colin Baker 

Actor, the 6th Doctor from Doctor Who

 "Zach, you are a real Pro. You were personable and efficient, I always

felt my interests and well being were in good hands . You helped make
Denver's first Comic Con an enjoyable and lucrative experience for me."

-Bruce Boxleitner
Actor, TRON

"It's always a pleasure to work with Zachery and his team - I appreciate his very professional approach - he is always on hand to sort out any problem."

-Jeremy Bulloch

Actor, Boba Fett of Star Wars

 "I've worked very closely with Zach for over two years to bring quality celebrity talent to my shows. Time and again, he has proven that he is one of the most trustworthy and hardworking individuals in this business. His utmost care and attention to detail with which he handles his craft is inspiring."

-Greg Derrick

Albuquerque Comic Expo

From the first moment I spoke with Zach about booking Peter Mayhew for our inaugural convention, he was not only helpful, but more importantly honest and friendly. I never felt that Zach was out for himself – he truly cares about the success of both his clients and the promoter. We ended up booking many guests through Galactic Productions and we had no issues. Zach could not have made the process more simple or been more professional. I feel confident in saying that with Zach’s help, Pensacon 2014 would not have been the success that it was and I look forward to working with Galactic Productions for years to come.

-Mike Ensley


 Zach, for all his youthful demeanor, is one of the most exceptionally well-informed and professional talent representatives I have had the joy to work with. His attention to detail and sure-footed negotiating style ensure that signers and promoters know exactly where they stand in relation to one another, which guarantees a happy and successful outcome all round!

Personally, Zach is bubbly, intelligent and the possessor of a mean sense of humor!!! All in all, I have to say he and his service are both excellent news!

-Alan Flyng.

Actor, Costume Designer and Entertainer.

"I never thought I needed an agent until I met 'Zachery Taylor McGinnis'. He has handled all of my U.S. affairs for the past year with confidence, drive, commitment and humor, and is a joy to be around. Zachery is a remarkable young man, assured, capable, and able to handle anything that is thrown at him in a dignified and polite manner. I would not hesitate to recommend him. "

-Nick Gillard

Second Unit Director, Stunt Coordinator & Sword Master 

 "While I am not new to doing Cons, I am fairly new with having celebrities at out events. Thank you for being patient with me and helping me learn. I have picked up a lot of good tips and information from you."

-Marco Jalomo

Promoter, South Texas Collectors Expo

"Zach-- I just want to say how wonderful it was to have you at Denver Comic Con. Thank you for the laughs and all your help and advise. Spending time with you, Tom, Bruce, and Cindy was a highlight of my weekend. ♥"

-Beth Kovacs

Denver Comic Con

 "I have worked with Zach many times. From negotiations, to travel arrangements, to interfacing with the show promoters, he has never failed to take care of details big and small. Zach has made every Convention a pleasure to attend, but he never forgets that underneath all the quirky and fun aspects of these events, it is a business... And he treats it as such."

- Tom Kane
Voiceover Actor
Star Wars, The Smurfs Movie, The Powerpuff Girls, Wolverine and the X-Men, Kim Possible, Robot Chicken, and many more.

 “Love working with Zach! Sweet, understanding, and totally a team player.

This is the kind of representation that an actor dreams about!”

-Cindy Morgan

Actress, TRON & Caddyshack

  "After I worked with you, I said yep, that's how it should be."

-Nichelle Nichols

Uhura of Star Trek

 "I've worked with Galactic Productions a few times now and have consistently found Zachery and his team to be very enthusiastic, organized, professional and trustworthy."

-Bonnie Piesse

Actor, Singer & Song Writer

Beru Lars of Star Wars

We have known Zach from Galactic Productions for several years and appreciate the amazing job he does! Zach is a consummate professional who is organized, energetic and genuinely concerned, not only for the talent he represents, but also for the events they attend. He definitely made our inaugural year of Sun City Scifi much easier! Thanks Zach, we love ya!!

-Jeannine Puhlman & Ean Puhlman

Sun City Scifi

"I have worked with Zachery for years and every experiance has been first class. Doesn't hurt that he's adorable."

-Marina Sirtis

Actress, Counselor Troi of Star Trek

 "All too often it feels like there is a fence with the promoter on one side and the agent with the celebrity on the other side. Zach does an amazing job of tearing down that fence and treating the promoter like a valuable customer. He is also quick to respond and diligent in addressing the promoter's needs as well as those of his celebrity guests. He makes the whole process of booking talent easier."

-John Simons

Chairman, Comicpalooza



"Zach, You are a miracle of clarity, efficiency and awsomeness."

-Carel Struycken 


Men In Black, The Addams Family, Star Trek

 “We have known Zach for a couple of years now. He has ALWAYS been a pleasure to be around. He is a very detailed oriented individual. He is and always has been very professional in every aspect of his business. If Zach says he will do it, then he will do it. We love you Zach!!!!!!"

- Joe Bob and Mary K Williams

Times Forgotten

“Having dealt with talent agents since 2002 it’s always refreshing to come across someone who makes my life as an Event Director easier, not harder. Zachery, in all my dealings with him, has been rock-solid professionally, honest, easy to reach, quick to respond and a good communicator. I have no hesitation in doing business with him or recommending others to do so either.

-Daniel Zachariou

Promoter, Supanova 

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