We are excited to add to illustrator legends to Albuquerque Comic Expo... Mr Terry Naughton & Rich Arons.
Rich Arons is a distinguished and accomplished artist, working in the Animation industry since 1978. He has worked on shows such as Animaniacs & has just released a childrens book called "Turbie the Turtle-duck"
Terry Naughton can handle many different styles in a variety of media. He worked for Walt Disney Feature Animation for 17 years as an animation assistant and storyboard artist. He worked on all the recent classics such as The Little Mermaid (King Triton), Beauty and the Beast (the Beast) and Aladdin (the Genie) to name only a few. Terry has also created the last ten U.S.C. football posters and various work for the N.F.L. Terry illustrates book covers and helps create and illustrate children's books.  Terry is currently working on the "Abyss Walker Series" by Author Shane Moore.