Good Grief - Sammy Davis
1971 - 2024
Sammy Davis was one of the most caring and loving individuals that I have ever met. My first time working with the Davis family was in April of 2019 at FanX Salt Lake Comic Convention. It happened to be the weekend of my 33rd birthday and their first time to Salt Lake, so there were plenty of new adventures to be had. Our first night in town we went to Topgolf.
Everything Sammy did, was for Warwick, Harrison & Annabelle.
Sammy for the win and Warwick always the showman.
The following day, my birthday, I took them to the top of Snowbird mountain a community in Little Cottonwood Canyon in the Wasatch Range of the Rocky Mountains near SLC.
Sammy made sure that when we got to the top of Snowbird to celebrate my birthday with a nice fruit tart.
Soon after FanX, COVID-19 hit and we transitioned to online events where we facilitated Warwicks participation with Galaxy Con LIVE. This past year was our most fruitful as we did events with Warwick and Sammy in Lexington, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, Owensboro, Richmond and Wales. I will always appreciate Sammys generosity and I to will miss her hugs.
-Zachery McGinnis - April 18, 2024

Appearance Announcement

RGV Nostalgic Fest
Harlingen, TX
Austin St. John
June 1, 2024
-Zachery McGinnis - April 17, 2024

Appearance Announcement

German Film & Comic Con
Dortmund, Germany
Walter Koenig
May 4-5, 2024
-Zachery McGinnis - April 16, 2024
Con Wrap Up - Georgia Comic Con
April 5-8, 2024

This past weekend was the 4th event of the year that I have personally attended. I’ve been sticking to my personal gameplan of 2024 to not travel any more than once a month in-order to focus on myself. This particular event was Georgia Comic Con, in Columbus, GA on April 6-7, 2024, hosted by friend, Jay Branch of VXV Events. Galactic Productions had both Steve Cardenas and Austin St. John the two red rangers from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and John Morton best known as Rebel Legion snowspeeder pilot, Dak Raltar (Luke Skywalker’s copilot) and Boba Fett from The Empire Strikes Back who famously delivered the line, “He’s no good to me dead” appearing at GCC. 

Personally, I was able to check a few bucket list items off the ole checklist this trip. Not only that, Dak was MY copilot on this trip around the eclipse. John and I both flew into Atlanta early Friday morning, rented a car and made our way to the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum just 3 miles south of ATL. 
Neither of us knew quite to expect. The two of us are history buffs and have both visited many presidential centers, libraries and sites over the years. What was different about President Carters PL&M, was that he was a President of, for and by the people. The Museum did a phenomenal job of showing just how much the former President's constituents, neighbors and fellow Americans truly meant to him. After a bit of sightseeing, John and I were off to Columbus, GA.
The next day kicked off the much anticipated first time event, Georgia Comic Con. Above we have new Talent Liaison, Chris Morris running Steve Cardenas, Rocky the red rangers table.
John Morton had an exceptional weekend signing as not only Dak and Boba Fett but also as Flash Gordon's pilot as he was signing next to the Flash himself, Sam Jones.
As per usual Austin St. John aka Jason Lee Scott the OG red ranger was not only rockin and rollin to his tunes but with all of his fans that were bringing all of their collectibles to be signed over the weekend. This fan alone brought 7 different Funko Pops to be signed signed, still missing that #23 though.
Look for my new podcast 'Back Stage w/ Zach" coming soon. This was after day two as we were all winding down. We were all feeling just peachy at this point.
-Zachery McGinnis - April 9, 2024

Good Grief - Leia
2010 - 2024

I rescued Leia and her litter mate, Luke in 2010 at just 5 weeks old. Leia has been with me my entire adult life. The best part about returning home week after week from the back to back travel for Comic Cons all over the world, was knowing that the following day would be spent cuddled up on the couch binge watching the newest Netflix hit series with Leia and Luke.

You will be missed baby girl.
Leia and actress Ingvild Delia who portrayed Princess Leia in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.
-Zachery McGinnis - March 20, 2024

Good Grief - Bill Hargreaves
1954 - 2024

I have not had too many relationships that are as sentimental to me as the friendship that Bill Hargreaves and I developed over the last 7 years. Not even Emperor Palpatine himself could have foreseen Bill and I becoming as good of friends as we did in such a short time. We were 3 decades apart in age, we lived on two different continents separated by the Atlantic Ocean and over 4,700 miles. 

Bill’s first US appearance was in October of 2016. That happened to be a couple weeks after the most trying moment of my life. Despite our age difference, two continents, an ocean and all of those miles between us, from the moment we met Bill never left my side. 

Throughout the height of COVID in 2020, Bill would reach out to check-in, nearly everyday. I had signed Bill on for the upcoming September edition of Cincinnati Comic Expo back in February that year. Knowing in advance that Star Wars Authentics by Topps was going to close soon, I put in a significant photo order for Bill among other clients. Once it became clear that events well into 2020 and even 2021 were going to continue to be postponed or even canceled, Bill reached out and asked me to send him all of the Topps photos I had ordered for our prior commitments. I obliged and to my surprise, a few weeks later the box was returned and he had signed every single photo. Bill knew that my eBay store kept me afloat throughout the pandemic. 

As the world began to build a tolerance and reopen, I was able to reconfirm Bill for Cincinnati Comic Expo in September of 2023. In May of that year I was in the UK for MCM London. One morning Bill was in the lobby of my hotel as I exited the elevator for the day. Right then and there in my heart of hearts, I knew he must have been more ill than he was letting on and he didn’t think he would make it to the Cincinnati event just four months later. This was his way of saying goodbye as he knew I didn’t have that opportunity back in 2016. Luckily he persevered and against his doctors orders Bill made the trip across the pond to attend the event. Bill, his sister Sue, Paul Freeman and myself had an absolutely fabulous con. It was a good send off for a great man. A weekend I won’t forget.

Bill will be missed as not only a bounty hunter, client, IG-88, an inspirational prop master, but most importantly a dear dear friend, husband, father and grandfather.

It’s good to know that he is no longer in pain and getting to enjoy the fruits of his bounty. 

Love you BI-LL.  

-Zachery McGinnis - March 20, 2024
Con Wrap - Lexington Comic & Toy Con
March 7-10, 2024
Good Grief - Mark Dodson
1960 - 2024
I signed Mark Dodson as a client in 2012. Prior to that I had only ever seen him listed for one event. Luckily, a client of mine was there and gave him my contact info. Thus the beginning of an 11 year relationship of both business and friendship. While we had our ups and downs professionally and personally, we had an underlying love of classic country music which bonded us through thick and thin.

The first event I booked for Mark was Lexington Comic & Toy Con, which has come to be my personal favorite event of the year, every year. It's one Mark, would attend many times over the years as it was just a short drive from where he lived.
Following LCTC, I had him and Tim Rose at an event in Tennessee. It also happened to be the first time that Mark the voice of Salacious Crumb and Tim the puppeteer had ever met. Hugs.
Years later Mark surprised me with the most amazing gift, which is now and will forever be one of my very favorite pieces of my personal collection. While doing his audio recordings as Salacious Crumb at Skywalker Ranch, one of the film crews was blowing up THE Death Star. When leaving set Mark was given a piece of the destroyed Space Station. Knowing my love of the force, Mark gave ot to me.
The entire time Mark was on the comic con circuit, he desperately hoped to one day be invited to appear at Star Wars Celebration as an official guest. In 2019, we made it happen. I just love the below photo where he is smiling from ear to ear. 
"The fans are wonderful. You know I've said that if the world was a comic con, what a beautiful place it would be. Everybody's so nice to each other, um it's just an incredible experience. I think everybody should at least, one time in their life, go to a comic con, just to see the fans. Forget us, meet the fans."

-Mark Dodson
Mark last contacted me in June 2023, in which he sent me a one word text message, "Remember." Along with that text he sent a link to a google search he did for 'take me home country roads cma.' He was searching for the song "Artists Of Then, Now & Forever - Forever Country."

Mark - I'll always remember, welcome home.
-Zachery McGinnis - March 4, 2024
Con Wrap - Albuquerque Comic Con
January 19-22, 2024