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8/27/2010 Barnes & Noble Star Wars Party!

Posted by Zachery McGinnis on Friday, September 10, 2010,

Thank you to Barnes & Noble for hosting Mike Edmonds & Cindy Freeling at their Star Wars Party launching the new Star Wars books & legos.

Cindy, Zach & Mike.

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8/24/2010 Andy Purvis "Kitik Keed'kak"

Posted by Zachery McGinnis on Friday, September 10, 2010,

While Mike Edmonds was in town, Andy Purvis son of the late great Jack Purvis saw Mike was in Dallas on faccebook.
So one night we all met up for dinner and Andy told the most amazing stories. And as is turns out Andy actually
got to opperate Kitik Keed'kak in the Cantina! 

Zach, Mike, Damon, Lee & Andy.

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8/17/2010 Celebration V, what a blast!

Posted by Zachery McGinnis on Friday, September 10, 2010,

Celebration V one one of the best conventions we have ever attended! Check out some of our photos below
Thursday: Chilling in the Mos Eisley Cantina replica w/ Paul Blake "Greedo & Mike Edmonds "Jabba".

Anthony Daniels "C-3PO" with Mike & I.

Friday night at the 501st party with the very talented artist and my friend Katy DeHay, oh & Seth Green!

Saturday at Disney's "Last Tour to Endor" getting squished by an Imperial AT-AT.

Jett Lucas "Youngling Zett Jukassa" aka George's son.

Sunday Caroline Blak...

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